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My Jesus Boat

A lot has changed in the past week. Life as we knew it is a distant memory for many of us. Quarantines, temporary supply shortages, incessant news about the pandemic. These are the things that unsettle our souls and cause us to shudder with anxiety. And yet, we have been called to live above the fray in the holy pursuit of Christlikeness. That’s a big word which can feel like too great a goal when life is pulling us in uncomfortable ways.

Scripture tells us that we will have troubles. It also tells us that Jesus is our sure foundation, our secure hope. When I read scripture, I tend to picture it like a movie in my mind. This carries over into everyday life as I go through the challenges of what it means to be human. A few times I have had the experience of going through something very difficult, only to imagine I am in a boat with Jesus. Just the two of us. The boat we are in is small, and drifting down a choppy, churning river of the fears I feel in my soul as a result of conflicts, barriers, disappointments and challenges. But inside the boat is calm – smooth even. Just me and Jesus.

I can confess my concerns while simultaneously feeling astonished that with him in the boat with me, we are free from the distress of troubled waters. This is transforming. In 2 Cor. 4:17 the Apostle Paul tells us, “our present troubles are small and won’t last very long.” This is such a good perspective that leads to peace and wholeness. When I am in my boat with Jesus, I can view my troubles from a distance. I don’t have to dwell in the middle of them.

So, as we find ourselves in uncharted waters, will you view yourself in a crisis? Or a small and momentary situation? Some might be tempted to believe my imaginary boat is simply a form of escape. But, here’s the thing. Jesus is real and alive and living in my life. When he brings comfort to my soul it is far more than escapism. It is the peace that is greater than understanding, promised in scripture. So I encourage you today, jump in the boat with Jesus, the Master Sailor, and trust that all that burdens you is really that small. You’ll rest better because of it.

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Valerie Barnhart
Valerie Barnhart

Thanks Pastor Julie. Words that I needed to hear!!


Pastor Julie
Pastor Julie

Of course. I'd love to see you.


Hey there Pastor Julie. Can a non member hang out here? Lol

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