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So much has changed over the past couple of weeks; it’s a lot to process. I wrote these words two weeks ago addressing the challenge we found ourselves in then. I believe they are as true today. As I ponder scripture I am reminded that since the beginning, the enemy of our souls has had a pretty familiar playbook:

1. Separate people so they’re vulnerable.

2. Cause fear.

3. Churn that fear into anger.

4. Turn that anger against each other.

Where are you in this list? We are all being separated out of necessity. Many people are fearful of all the unknown and potential threats, not to mention the known dangers. Many have already succumbed to anger and frustration at being inconvenienced or worse. I imagine with this pressure it won’t be long before we begin to see the best of humanity give way to our lesser selves.

I wonder how afraid or angry the person(s) must be who broke into my office last night. If they were in their right mind they might have thought twice about finding anything with street value in a pastor’s office. Aside from the broken window, the only casualty was a beautiful vase given to me on the night of my ordination. Broken and shattered, it was now in pieces on the floor.

Scripture describes us as fragile jars of clay. I wonder how many are feeling broken and shattered by these present challenges. This same section of scripture has the remedy for our brokenness:

It was God Who said, “The light will shine in darkness.” He is the One Who made

His light shine in our hearts. This brings us the light of knowing God’s

shining-greatness which is seen in Christ’s face. 2 Cor. 4:6 (NLT).

God is interested in sweeping up our broken pieces. In their place, he will not only provide peace and hope, but allow us to shine His light to others. We are not trapped into moving down the list above. We may be separated, but we have no need to fear, to become angry and to become ugly. Only God has the ability to turn our brokenness into things of beauty. Let’s let the light of God shine brightly into our darkness. It’s a far better way.

Remember, you can join our Sunday worship on our YouTube channel at 9:30am on Sundays. I encourage you to jump online live, sing with us, study with us and participate as much as possible from home in real time. You can leave comments. Please subscribe so we can customize our channel once we have 100 or more subscribers. We'll get through this because we're better together.

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2 comentarios

Pastor Julie
Pastor Julie
26 mar 2020

Thanks. It sure could have been much worse.

Me gusta

Valerie Barnhart
Valerie Barnhart
26 mar 2020

Sorry to hear about the break-in at your office today. Glad that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been I guess

Me gusta
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